Sooner Football Is Back

Posted on August 26, 2013


It’s almost time once again! A collective sigh of relief spreads across America and through a growing number of fans throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The longest off-season, or so it always seems, is down to a few days….College Football is back!

The thing with College Football, that non stop revolving door of players that come and go. Some enter quietly, some with a full-out parade but all that really matters are that they have bled the Crimson and the Cream. It often feels, with the influence of social media, that we know them personally, on a level probably never seen before. The good ones we get to enjoy for 4 or 5 years, the great ones maybe only 3 and this year we said goodbye to many heading off to the League. Once a Sooner, always a Sooner, no matter what their new team or number might be in the pro’s.  Another who left who I hope will do great things this season, Drew Allen now at Syracuse. His heart will always be a Sooner, but he has this one year to impress and try and secure that next step.

The Belldozer came and excited, smashing its way to touchdown after touchdown. I guess we assumed Blake would be starting, given the chance to test his arm as well as his running ability. The one thing I saw, was when Bell was in the game last season, he seemed to have the team behind him, an extra energy and push. Bodies were put on the line, everyone knew what was coming, but very few stopped it. But, this is Oklahoma, no-one is just going to give someone a starting job. I would be more worried if we didn’t have a stable of hungry Quarterbacks pushing him, asking questions and wanting that spot! Hello Trevor Knight.

A Longhorn fan from birth, leading out the Sooners as RS Freshman. Is it a surprise, probably to many, but the signs were there last year. When asked to impersonate Manziel before that game vs A&M, he did just that. On the scout team he was making the D look silly, making the sort of smart plays and gains that Manziel did in the Cotton Bowl. The signs were there to see, and dual threat QB’s becoming all the rage, a new direction on the horizon? I love Bell for what he brought, who he is and who knows, he may still have a big part to play this season. We all know how in one play, everything can change. The upside tho is tremendous for Knight, he has 4 years to learn and grow and take the Sooners back to the sort of Big Games that we need to be playing in. He will make mistakes, probably some stupid ones at time that will make the Sooner Nation scratch their heads, but if he beat out Bell, Stoops and Co know the direction they are wanting to now go.

 I’ll be honest, I have been out of the loop a little, this will all start to change this week going forward. Sooner Football is back, what Saturdays are made for and what brings us all together for one common goal and interest. Who knows what this season will hold, it could be fill with frustrations and growing pains. But this is Sooner Football, nothing is written or set in stone. We have lots of questions, and some players will step up into roles and answer them.

But one thing is for sure, College Football and Sooner Football is back, and that I am thankful for. The off-season is a horrible place! I wish I could be joining all my Sooner Family in the flesh this season…. but looks like it will be 2014 instead!

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