A ‘Proper’ Thank You

Posted on November 4, 2012


The bags are unpacked, the post vacation blues set in only a few hours after landing and I have already began the thinking about next years trip. But for now, I just need to give some proper thank you to some of the people who made the trip unforgettable for me. I started to write this on the plane home whilst it was fresh in the mind, but waited to post to have some time to reflect on everything. If I have missed anyone off, I can only apologise, I hope I manage to fit everyone on! I have tried to do it in a chronological order of the vacation, just to help the writing flow better.

I would like to firstly say thank-you to Scott Cash (@scm5687) for well, making sure I booked the trip last-minute. As my first ever friend from Oklahoma, Scott is always first I consult on trips over.  We made sure we did the RRS right, driving down from Norman to Dallas to watch us destroy Texas. That is something I shall never forget. Scott drove us back up to Tulsa and showed me around the wonderful little campus there and showed me Tulsa (great little city) and then came back to Norman to take in the Notre Dame game with me. Scott, always a pleasure, get back to England for some Soccer soon!!

I know it’s the Football that brings me back, but in reality that is only part of it! Its the people first and then the place, it really is a hidden little gem (one I hope stays that way). I would have categorically not have been able to make the trip without people willing to let me into their homes, if that is only for one night or for a week. I have to say the hugest thank you to Kenny, Amy, Hannah and Andrew Mossman (@Kenny_Mossman) for treating me like one of the family for the week and letting me stay in their home. I would come back, without the Football just to spend time with these wonderful people, although I need to up my soccer game as Andrew is already so much better than me! Thank you for the amazing family meals and words of wisdom, it means so much.

On my first night in Oklahoma I had to call on a friend to help me out. Thank you Andrew Soliven (@Andre86w) for coming to the airport to pick me up, you don’t know how great it is to see a familiar and friendly face after 19 hours of travelling. We grabbed some food, met up with Jamie Cyr (@jkcyr) and just caught up. Thank you for the place to stay on my first night and sorry I didn’t get back to OKC to see you again, next time!! As I kind of covered the RRS with Scott, I have to add a big thank you to Steve Hinkle (@SoonerSteve1) for the pre game meeting up and getting to meet some former OU players. Steve was instrumental in looking after me in Tallahassee last year so is always fantastic to meet up again. Sorry I didn’t get to see you again in Dallas!

Headed up to Tulsa where I had a few days to stay and to tour the campus. A huge thank you to Matilda Mossman (@TUcoachMoss) for letting me stay in your home and the endless supply of Gatorade! Also for allowing me to come and watch you coaching at practice for the Tulsa Women’s Basketball team, that was a great experience to see and hope you and the team make some waves this year in the C-USA! Also, the insight into College Basketball was great to learn about. Also a quick thank you and sorry to Kadan Brady(@KCBrady35) for interrupting your shooting practice and the most random and funny conversation with You, Matilda, Scott and I! Good luck this year, you work so hard after practice so it’s your time to shine on the court!

Headed back to Dallas to see some more of what I didn’t get to see on the RRS weekend, so everything. Thank you to Hannah Turnage (@HannahTurnage) for picking me up and showing me around, some great food and shopping advice. Them neon Nike’s haven’t quite made the rounds here, but I’ll be ahead of the curve. I will also just say Blue horse and flag, enough said!

I need to say a huge thank you to Jerry Doyle (@SoonerFanJerry) and his family. Jerry drove from the OU/TX border to Dallas to come pick me up, let me stay at their home ad brought me back to Norman for the Kansas game. I cannot thank you enough for going out of your way to do that for me. We had the best night chatting and a great pre-game breakfast meal the next morning. Another amazing family I had the pleasure to spend time with and get to know on a more personal level.

It was then I headed back to Norman, and where I got to spend time with some more amazing people and just get to see Norman and the OU campus. After meeting Jason Matheson (@JasonRMatheson) briefly last year, I must have visited every day. Jason was kind enough to let me into his world, both work and personal and we really got to chat about everything, especially German cars and Sooner Football history! I could talk all day about the great work he does on SoonerSports.com (which he really does so amazing work for), but I just want to thank Jason for the great conversation and time spent with me, a really great person who I am glad I got to know and now can call my friend.

Someone I am so glad I got to spend time with was Anna Kremer (@AnnaKremer). Not only does she have some crazy graphics skills, she is a totally wonderful person who looked after me for the Kansas game and got to see on several occasions over the week. Felt like we had been friends for years and just enjoyed getting to know Anna and have another great friend in Norman (you cannot leave now). Thank you for spending time with me on campus and well, you need to still be in Norman to enjoy game-days with!

Every morning when I got a lift into campus I would start my day with seeing Amy Miller (@AmyKatMiller), well except Friday when she was not there, how rude(haha)! A wonderful young lady who made me feel so welcome, some great conversation and who’s door was always open to pop in to say hello to. Thank you, it was not the same the day you didn’t come in!!

I had always wanted to go to a Thunder game and I was lucky to be able to go see a pre-season game. Through some great kindness from Blake O’Brien (@blo_1987) I was able to go. Thank you for helping me with the tickets and was really great to meet you at the Kansas game. I had a fantastic time at the game and again, just thank you for giving me the opportunity to go and see them play. On a related note, thank you to Ali Parker (@BrokenCrown76) for accompanying me to the Thunder game. We had such a fun time at the game, great company and glad you also got to see your first Thunder game! Was great to get to know you and for driving me around and showing me about the place, it was great to get to know you. Also, hot tea over sweet iced tea!!

My good friend Julia Chew (@JuliaChewAgency) I was fortunate to meet in London this summer for the Olympics with my little bro and sis. Got to meet up with Julia and her mum and dad at the Kansas game and enjoy the Homecoming parade. I had complained I did not have enough “proper” tea so I was invited to a tea afternoon Julia was hosting. I had a wonderful afternoon, a champagne reception, tea, cucumber and coronation chicken sandwiches, scones and jam tarts filled the afternoon with Julia and her wonderful friends. Thank you as always Julia, always a pleasure.

A family I had being wanted to see for a long time was the Boggs family, Kerrie (@MommaBoggs), Courtney (@CourtBoggs) and Brandon Boggs (@Boggsy2B) . I was fortunate enough to get to spend a short time in their company and I loved every second. They are a wonderful family, very fun and crazy (in a great way) and I will take home our Quidditch conversation and hold that dear forever! British Siri also says hello Courtney! Thank you Kerrie for arranging it, as Court is really bad at things like that!! Best of luck for the gymnastics and racing this year!

Jordan Roby was great in showing me around SoonerVision last year. Thank you for taking time out from your day to show me a tour around campus. Super knowledgeable about campus and I enjoyed seeing a lot of places and buildings that I probably would not have even ventured into. Also to hear some stories about classes and time spend studying here always helps to give me an insight into OU.

After tailgating with Doug (@snoopdoug44) last year, Scott and I got to do the same again this year for ND game. Thank you again for the invite and allowing us to come eat your food and enjoy the company of your friends. Got a great spot for tailgating and will always be stopping by when I am at a game. Let me know if you get to England next year and I will do all I can to say hello!

Thank you to Germaine Fields (@germsey) for finding me to say hello at ND, I don’t know how you did it when I had little to no signal most of the time! I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, and If I have it was not on purpose!