Thank You Oklahoma

Posted on October 29, 2012


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the people who made my visit over to Oklahoma so wonderful and special again. I love Norman and the whole State, it just feels like home and that I belong there. I never knew that a young guy from England would ever get such a reception from a group of people, to make me feel like your family and a full part of the community is something so incredible. The messages of support and the people going out of their way to help me out and show me some true Oklahoman hospitality still blows me away every time. It’s something so amazing to me, I just don’t think a thank you says enough. Until I can find something else that really does say enough, a thank you is all I have to give back. My Sooner friends, the whole Sooner Nation and the State of Oklahoma you really have gone above and beyond again.

It has been a long journey back home, over 20 hours so this one will be a short and sweet post. I fully plan to blog all of my trip eventually, my first OU vs Texas, the huge game that was welcoming Notre Dame and College GameDay to town and just a big thank you to the people who made the visit so special. I have so much I need to write down, so many great stories I need to share. But this is always the case when I visit. But on a personal note, I need to do more and be better. The people of Norman and Oklahoma in general have taught me this, and I need to make some changes in my life to try to make the move ‘home’.

There is definitely only one, Oklahoma… Boomer Sooner my friends!