Know yOUr Sooner Olympians – Brittany Borman

Posted on July 9, 2012


Going to start my look at the Oklahoma Sooners who have gone above and beyond and qualified for the Olympic games, which are being held in my home country, here in London. The first athlete we shall look at is OU senior Brittany Borman, who will compete in Javelin for Team U.S.A (also competes discus for Oklahoma).

With an impressive resume in an event that is much harder than it looks, Brittany is a 2 time NCAA National Champion after defending her Javelin title this June, with a throw of 184 feet, 7 inches. This was good enough to beat the field by 4 feet and gave her the honour of being the first Sooner student-athlete to win back-to-back outdoor National Title. This throw was also over 6 feet further than what won Brittany the National Title in 2011, when she threw 178-2 ft. Brittany also is a four-time All-American and the OU record holder with a throw of 194-11 ft.

That’s all well and good, but the ‘A’ class standard, the mark needed to be in that whole new level, the Olympian level is 200-1 (or 61 metres). With disappointment looming, and a longest throw of the day at 188-9 ft with 3 throws left, the pressure was mounting. With the fourth throw, a Foul, more pressure. The fifth throw came and went, less distance than already thrown. With more than 10 feet needed, maybe it was not meant to be. But this is when Sooner’s thrive and like something out of a Disney move, a prayer was answered and Sunday 1st July may be a day Brittany remembers forever and with great fondness.

61.51 metres, or 201-9 ft!!  “I prayed before it and I am still in shock about how far I threw” said Borman. There it was, that one throw, the last throw of the dice (or javelin in this case) was strong and true and was enough for Brittany Borman to win the Olympic Trials at Hayward Field, Oregon, beat the ‘A’ Standard and qualify  in first place for the U.S.A Olympic Team. Oh, and to add to that, it was also her 23rd Birthday, what a present that was!

What does this mean for the Olympics? Everything and nothing. This throw is good for the 18th best in the World so Brittany goes in with only internal pressures to fight for a medal. But she can live the dream to be an Olympian and can only leave everything out there, and well, with a little prayer, who knows what is possible. However, this is the best throw by an American woman this year and third best all time, putting her up there with the elite of American javelin throwers.

Brittany isn’t a big user of twitter, but that may change so get behind and show some support! @Borman_track 

Unfortunately, video footage is lacking, but I hope to add some after the Olympics!