So does Norman/Oklahoma want me back?

Posted on May 28, 2012


It’s that time of year again where crazy plans (last year is included in that) start to be planned, ideas get into the head that way exceed what the wallet can realistically cope with, but that’s the fun in planning these trips right? I had the most amazing week of my life revolving around Sooner football last year, met some incredible people who have changed my life. I’m looking to do it all over again, come back “Home” to Norman for a little longer this time, hopefully a good 2-3 weeks this time! That is, if y’all have me back??

I hope this time to be able to slow things down a little, last year was such a blur trying to fit everything in! I hope I can get to meet more people and spend some quality time with them and obviously spend more time with my friends already made! Football will always be the biggest draw for me, but I’m all about “Sooner Sports” as a whole, hope I get the chance to go and see some other sports, like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Softball, Baseball and Tennis. Now that’s not all possible in one trip I know, but to get some others in would be rather great!

So, looking ahead at the schedule there are always them games that jump out and scream you must be there. This year, Notre Dame is that game, and I also like the look of West Virginia away as I feel that is going to be a great match-up and Morgantown will be alive and jumping when the Sooners roll into town. Then there is always the Cotton bowl, who doesn’t want to be there in Dallas to see us smash on some Longhorns!

That leaves 2 sets of dates that look good. I know most people will say the first lot, but the second lot has advantages like the Thunder playing also to take into account. But here are the dates I would be looking to possibly come over, all dependant on funds and if I could get tickets…. No point in coming over to stand outside!

#1 – 13th October to 27th October – Texas @ RRR, Kansas and Notre Dame @ Home

#2 – 10th November to 24th November – Baylor and Oklahoma State @ Home, West Virginia Road Trip

Pros and Cons

Initially you have Texas and Notre Dame, can’t really argue with that! Notre Dame may not come to town again for decades and the Cotton bowl is what it is. We do (now) play West Virginia yearly and Baylor & Oklahoma State are redemption matches this year, which hypes them up more than usual!  Cons are the huge extra costs for Texas and ND. Round one slightly to Trip #1

Extra things and sports to see is a key thing for me this year. October is just before the basketball season so would miss out on both the Sooner Hoops and Thunder games but have some in Trip #2. Both have potential NFL match-ups that I could (If the funds allow) go to. Soccer also looks out for both trips due to their schedule! Volleyball can both catch a game in either trip but overall Trip #2 adds slightly more options outside Football!

I know we having a mini heat wave here in England but I still want some good sun. I heard there was some dreadful Oklahoman weather in November last year for some games, so Trip #1 probably has the edge on weather and getting a slight tan, maybe!

Whatever I decide to do, I hope I can give back to Norman and Oklahoma more than I take this time! Sure there are a few more things I can add to this, but the biggest question is if the Sooner Nation wants me back in Norman??