Thundering Up?

Posted on May 16, 2012


You all know I’m there until 4-5am for Sooner Football, until the very end. Doesn’t matter if its a blow-out, a nail biter or even a loss (very uncommon obviously), never turn it off until its over. I love what the Thunder have also done for Oklahoma! They seem to have brought together a State with a common team and goal that everyone can cheer for. And by all account, home games with the Thunder are amongst some of the best in the league from a crowd noise and particiaption level. I love that! I would love to follow the Thunder like I follo Sooner Football, I really would. I played and loved basketball years before I even knew what Football was. I was not bad, but then I stopped growing!

NBA Basketball is just too much, too often and too late. Them 8:30pm tip-offs are bad enough for those at the games, but when they dont start until 2:30am a couple of times a week, for my health and my sanity I have to be a stand off Thunder fan. And that pains me, I like to be all or nothing. I don’t like to say I’m into something and cannot back that up. Highlights are always good, but nothing like watching games live (even on tv) and joining in with the discussion with other Thunder mad people, many who I have met through the same love of the Sooners.

With the dominating display over the Mavs, sweeping them under the carpet early, the extra time off obviously did the Thunder good as they made the Lakers look silly at times. As they head towards the next game tonight, its another case of the I wish I could watch. I’ll be checking first thing in the morning, and doing some #ThunderUp all over twitter tonight. I know the rest of the Thunder fans will make the place LOUD and send the Lakers home with another crushing defeat!

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