Saxon’s slay the Exiles

Posted on April 3, 2012


A nice and early 6am wake up call rang around the house, today was Football time. Out the house for 07:00 to get to Nottingham to meet my brother for the next leg of the journey, to Peterborough. At 09:15 we hit Peterborough to pick up the Toone brothers and meet with the other Saxons! In his rush my bro decided to jump the convoy and head south, missing the next leg of pick ups to blitz the miles and get to Kent, some 120 miles away. With the “banter bus” in full swing, the miles flew by before we took a wrong turning, which cost us 20-30 minutes. We arrived at the field around 12:00 to glorious sunshine, and to a Kent Exiles team who full expected this to be an easy victory. Peterborough Saxons, after the dreadful 2011 season were in Division 2, whilst the Kent Exiles had being promoted to Division 1. A good test for both teams with the season 2 weeks away.

We got ready, with a good size squad of 40 players and depth at all positions, taking the next hour to get ready and warmed up to do battle. It was only pre-season, but we were ready for full out war on this battlefield and to take the victory home with us! On Defense first, I think we stuffed them up good to get the ball in the hand of the O. First play went for 15 yards before a hit caused the fumble, giving the Exiles some great field position. The D came back on, and once again showed they would be no pushover and stopped the Exiles from gaining any more ground. The first quarter, as to be expected in Pre-Season was scrappy and filled with more mistakes and turnovers than either team would have wanted. We finally got the ball moving on the 3rd or 4th drive but the quarter ended 0-0.

The second quarter started with much of the same from the D, dealing out some punishing and brutal hits. They brought that killer instinct and made people pay. It started much different for the O, drives started to click, making gains on both the ground and through the air. Kent would have scored first on a tipped pass that was taken to the house, which was called back for a block in the back. I think the first score came from an awesome individual play on special teams to strip the ball inside the red zone. The O ran the ball in, but with no posts, everything would be for 2. Another score on a pass play put the score to 12-0 whilst tempers started to flare up a little in the amazing sunshine in Kent, but we had the lead going into the half.

The 3rd quarter started with the ball, and what an opening play. They missed a jam on the line and the WR was wide open down the sideline for a 60+ yard score to open up the 3rd quarter. The D continued the relentless assault on their O, virtually taking out the run game and only allowing a few pass plays to gain a few yards. More crunching hits had the Saxon’s sideline captivated and gave the Saxon’s O plenty of opportunity to test out plays, formation and personnel. At this point the 2nd QB was in, eager to impress his new team. On the second drive he hit a WR down the field, only stopped at the 4 by a last gasp tackle and the Saxons put the ball back into the end zone once again. A couple of big Interceptions by the Saxon’s D either side of the quarter helped the cause, and the Saxons never once easing up, continued to put the ball in the end zone.

At the end of the 3rd it was around 32-0 with the final quarter looming, and time to carry on pushing, getting players all important reps whilst still keeping momentum. With another couple of scores, and some great individual plays on special teams, Kent only looked like scoring once when they got to around the 20 yard line before a big stop on 4th down gave the ball back to the Saxons. Scoring on virtually the last play of the game and converting the 2 point play, the Saxons ran home comfortable 46-0 winners.

I can only thank the Kent Exiles for hosting and enjoyed some good spirited personal battles with the Corners and Safeties. Wish them well for the season but on a personal note, we achieved more than we went down to do. My aim was to win, but to win in this fashion is always great. However, it is pre-season and means nothing if we go to Bedford in 2 weeks time and get beat! We got some great rotation in, everyone played meaningful minutes and contributed well. Time to focus on Bedfordshire Blue Raiders on Saturday 14th April as we kick of one the first game on the opening day of the season! One game at a time, 110% focus on the next opposition and nothing more. The team motto this season is “One Heart, One Team.” And boy did we play like a team!

The report is obviously vague and not the standard to what I will be posting up during the season. Missing out names and big plays because its pre-season and not wanting to give anything away!