Texas who?

Posted on October 8, 2011


Seems like a fitting title to me. Well I made 2 predictions before the start of the game. OU would win 47 – 17 and Kenny Stills would get 3 TDs and 150 yards. I think I did pretty good. This game will be one to remember for a long time, it’s a statement game! Every player came up big and got theirs, we had some hungry Sharks out there, and they all got fed! So 55 – 17, I can live with being a score under! Stills, 51 yards an 2 TD’s. I was a little off there, but man he should have had 3, he left a few out there but he made up for it!

So my game experience was not one of greatness in Dallas. It was just Stacie, the dog and I in our little house in England. It seems a lifetime ago that we were in Norman watching it live, but reality is back and its TV for us! I had a great feeling about this game and well, it really came true. Texas fans were literally leaving by halftime, that’s not just a loss, that’s a beat down of epic proportions! Their trick plays may have worked against Iowa State and Rice, but didn’t anyone tell them that “This is Oklahoma” and that stuff does not work here.

The Sharks – WOW. Thats all I have to say about the whole day today. Before I get into them, gotta tip my hat to Casey Walker. He didn’t get monster stats but that guy was everywhere, causing chaos. His eyes must have lit up when that ball came to him, would have been fitting to get that INT, so close! It’s hard to pick a real hero when Hurst picks one-off for a TD, King picks up a fumble for a score and Jefferson picks off another one. But, my Shark of the day has to be Fleming. He is still high in my list from my visit for when he ran a long way over the practice field to say hi to me, but his team high 13 Tackles (11 Solo) and that amazing Strip and run in for a TD was the icing on the cake. He is a shut down corner, he is always dependable. I would be giving a game ball to all the sharks, but If I only had 1, its Flemings! Fleming, thank you for what you do, often quietly and just getting on with it, big time plays make big time plays in the big games, and you made plenty!

My boy Wort had a solid day, 7 Tackle and then he finally found someone he couldn’t run through….. Travis Lewis. When I saw them both lying there on the floor not moving, my heart literally sank. They both found out who is the hardest hitters in the league, themselves! Was so glad to see Travis get up but was not a good feeling in this house seeing Tom being carried of! Reports seem to be that he is fine, saw him smiling and happy and apparently chomping to get back in the game, but as I said to someone, he would wanna be out there with 2 broken legs. I have to write about Frank, 3 huge sacks and a Forced Fumble, can anyone say Beast Mode?? He is having a huge year, I think thats helped with Ronnell also coming big on the other end, helping with 2 Sacks!

My final bit on the Sharks, Travis and that Hair. Normally talk about Still’s hair but gotta love the shark motive in the one side. Not sure if everyone noticed, but he had 12 on the other side. I have said it many, many times, but this team, this year, everything they do and every victory is for Austin. This my readers, is what got them over the hump at FSU, and will be what drags this team up later on in the year when things get tough. They are playing for a fallen brother, no greater motivation to be the best than that!

So on to the O, what can you say. Broyles did what Broyles does, catches the impossible balls. He came up big several times on 3rd down when needed. I love me some Stills, but I think by his high standards, he had a couple plays he would want back. Saying that, he came up big after a drop and getting a TD called back for pushing off (That was a very harsh penalty) by showing his strength one on one to climb over the top of the defender to grab a hard ball. And that play, the same one that got FSU. Landry throws that little pump fake to get the DB’s biting and then Stills runs deep into the end zone to Stills, that play is money. I was in that corner on the end zone at FSU, now that was special, but to see it here, just filled me full of great memories.

Landry had a more than solid day. As usual, espn brough up how bad he does on the road and how he can’t get it done. 367 Yards, 3 TD’s vs the #11 ranked team kinda shuts them up. He played smart, he threw it away very well when there was too much pressure and made some great throws into tight spaces. Most important, he didn’t turn the ball over and had a great day. He did all that you want from your QB, threw very well, didn’t turn over and destroyed Texas!

Our Run game was a little, disappointing today. Whaley looked great on that 64 yard TD run but apart from that, we didn’t do well. But saying that, why Run when we can pass our way down the field every possession?? B.Williams, he will be a star, and took a huge hit, but you have to keep hold of the football, It just proved what Stoops always says, the ones who get the playing time are the ones who protect the ball the best! Was Clay out for something tho?

Overall, What a game, what a display Our Sharks outscored them 21- 17 and it was not even that close. But yeh, what about them Sharks? It’s always great to Beat Texas, but to rip them apart like that, was satisfying. I was hoping for 60 or 70 there at the end but I think we put them in a World of Hurt! Boomer Sooner – Texas Suck!

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