Sooners @ FSU – Gametime 1st Half

Posted on September 21, 2011


Well, it’s what you have all been waiting for, The British Sooner’s at the game. So we arrived at Gate J which was just outside where the OU equipment Truck and team coaches were all parked up. We hung around with Steve and Greg as there was still about 90 minutes before kick off. To our left, the stadium, to the right, some FSU girls with puke up and down their legs, attractive! So this was the OU section entrance, or at least one of them, so as the time ticked on, more and more Crimson and White t-shirts/jerseys started to fill the area, I would say it was a pretty 50/50 split with people trying to make the “wear white” happen and those rocking up in Crimson.

As the crowds gathered, the inevitable happened, the war chop vs the Boomer Sooner. Im gonna take the high ground and even outnumbered by the gate, we were louder! Victory 1 to the Sooner Nation. This pretty much carried on for the 5 – 10 minutes we were outside and carried on in the line to get in. Once we got through the gates, the Stadium was pretty easy to get up to our seats, nothing like at soccer grounds where they seem to make it hard to get around. We took a couple of photos on each level that we got to before we split from Steve and Greg as they were in section 15, and us 13. Had been great hooking up with them guys, as the people you meet and spend time with at these things only enhance any experience.

Stepping up the ramp towards the seating was pretty overwhelmed with emotion, stepping out to see the whole stadium, it was a special moment. It was about 70 minutes before gametime but it was impressive, we were finally here, finally getting to see a game live. Our seats were right on the edge of the OU section, best way i can describe it was a pan handle section, and we were near the tip of the handle. We got too our seats and just looked around, could tell this was going to be a special game, the atmosphere was already buzzing and the FSU student section was already rammed full, they were up for it!

Normally at a soccer game, you just would not be in your seats this long before kick off, but with the team out practicing and the band doing a few numbers, was never going to be a bad thing. We just (like sponges) wanted to soak up the atmosphere and take everything in and watch the stadium fill up, there was no way this was not going to be a full house! The sun was setting right in front of us, it was quite magical! Words really don’t quite do any justice to how great a feeling this was, has been a long time coming. The team did there warm ups, everyone looking ready for game time, still 20 minutes to go. the starting line up’s were announced, no Travis Lewis…sneaky, very sneaky! However if you watched the run thoughts, T.Lew and Wort were together on rotation, that’s always a good sign and I believed Kenny would not tell me wrong from earlier!

I thought their band was OK, although I am expecting OU to blow that out the water. Again, the FSU fan’s were getting loud when their starting line up was announced. It was going to be loud, it was going to be hostile for the players, but these are the games players and fans need to relish, these are the game’s we earn that #1 spot and prove everyone else wrong. One thing I really liked about the Stadium was the little canopy section at the top of the stadium where people were standing, looked a really great place to watch the game, nice idea! The fire spear in the centre circle was cool, although the timing was majorly out and lots of waiting around for the team!

Honestly, the time from warm ups to kick off was pretty much a blur! The time literally flew by so quickly. And then it was time, crazy! I don’t know if people knew we were British or maybe we smelt, but all the seats to the left were empty and a few in front and behind, not that we were complaining, gave us more room to stand and Stacie the chance to stand on the seats on the row infront….It’s all about the view! Tom was looking pretty pumped, Travis was like sulking along the sidelines, trying to be inconspicuous, I wonder if they knew what was about to hit them?

Our first drive on O was a thing of beauty! The line looked to be dominating their line, the backs did a great job of finding the holes and making the big plays, at least 4 and 5 yards every play and marched down the field. The OU section was going crazy, It was looking great. RB had a couple great catches to make the yards, feeling great! And then it happened, several minutes into the 1st quarter, TOUCHDOWN, Whaley…. No they pulled it back, he was over! No worries, we got it on the next play, Landry on the sneak, we went wild, jumping around, high fiving the OU fans a couple of rows in front and at the side of us (We had FSU fans behind and right in front of us). We were pumped, really were, expectations were high right now.

My boy Wort then started to get in on the action, on 3rd and 10 on OUr 24, bringing the house Corey slowed EJ down and Tom came up and got the sack! Thats what we came to see, the Brits watching the Brit do his thing and stuffing EJ into the turf. We whooped and cheered, the D was looking mean! I have to say I didn’t think their kicker would make it from 53, he did with room to spare! We got back on O and their fans had been a little quite on OUr first drive, they started to make up for this. The place was jumping, it got rocking and it was LOUD! They did a great job keeping the noise up on D for the rest of the game, full marks to them for that!

Wort and Harris, wow what a hit, it was huge. The way the ball just fell out of his hands as he was going down knew he was out cold. The whole stadium fell into pretty much silence as he laid motionless on the floor, all holding their breath hoping he was alright. The whole stadium clapped as he was stretched off after about 10 minutes (Was great to hear he was fine and made it back before the game ended). But man, I would not wanna be on the end of a hit from Tom, he is a machine! And then he came up big again! He must just play better when the British Invasion is over. That was all heart and determination and a few years of frustration that had built up coming out there, great individual play, great catch… if only he could have taken it to the house, would have been perfect! My boy Wort was on fire! And then he came up huge again, another Sack (or half sack), he was playing the sort of game we all knew he can and will do for us for the next few years. I have no doubt having T.Lew helped him a huge amount, he was just playing and balling, and showing the SoonerNation what he can do… He was all over the field making plays everywhere!

I’m going to be honest, I was getting worried about the O as we struggled to get the ball moving much after that first drive in the first half. The noise level had ramped up even more and that made the changing plays at the line hard, and it showed. We just could not get much going at all! Then Kenny came up with a huge catch about halfway through the 2nd quarter, huge play! What a catch under pressure as he was about to get hit from both sides, if I say so myself that was a very Ryan Broyles type catch… clutch under pressure!

And then it hit us, the goalline struggles! Ouch! 2 drives down to the goal, and only 2 FG to show for it. Wow, it was frustrating from the stands, we definitely should have got at least 1 of them in! As Kenny text me from the box at half time and I totally agreed, I hope they wouldn’t come back to bite us in the bum! I thought with the players we had we would be making them, maybe it was just great D from FSU? We need to make sure that we can punch these in, especially in big  close games like these.Harris came up huge again on the night, taking that pick almost all the way to the house to set up the second goal line stance, he played a great game, all over the field and made plays! Halftime 13-3, could have been up by 20 but happy to be leading in Doak by 10! Gonna post this now, 2nd half to come later!